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  • lost Google Pixel 2 (black smart phone) left on Mackenzie Beach, March 9. Staying at HI Tofino Hostel,
    email - Liana - Palo Alto (Mar/09/2019)

  • Found : changing robe/ poncho China beach trail. Thursday Feb 21. Call and provide description to claim it.
    email - Thomas - 250-646-2112 Jordan River (Feb/23/2019)

  • Lost xcel right hand mitt/lobster claw 5mm and size medium (I think). Lost between China beach parking lot and Jordan river on the road. Please call if found.
    Taylor - 250-802-8593 China (Feb/16/2019)

  • Lost Camera Panasonic Lumix December 26 - Tofino [photo] Hi there, I think I lost my Camera Panasonic Lumix dmc-gf7 on the A parking lot of long beach, Tofino, on December 26th, end of the afternoon. Or maybe close to the best Western hotel. It's a compact camera with priceless memories that I really wanna have If you find it, please contact me at 778 839 7138 or I will $ reward if someone has it! Thanks
    email - Thomas - 778-839-7138 Tofino (Dec/28/2018)

  • Found Rip Curl Flashbomb 2:3mm gloves (either size medium or large) at Sombrio on November 28.
    email - Chad - 778-678-3476 Victoria (Nov/29/2018)

  • Lost xcel 5mm gloves at jordan river/rock piles size small. Please call if found, my girlfriend will be very happy to have them back. Thank you
    Maddy & Taylor - 204-470-0025 or 250-802-8593 (Nov/25/2018)

  • Left my 8’6 clean line surf board bag in the cox bay parking lot the morning of Nov 10. Would be amazing if someone found and picked it up to keep it safe! If you found it please send me a message!
    Evan Mundy - 604-562-5449 Tofino (Nov/12/2018)

  • Lost: Nikon D70 film camera + case left in the parking lot this afternoon. If you find it please get in touch as I have some very special moments captured on the roll of film in the camera's case. Thanks
    email - Tashi Townley - 250-814-3149 Sombrio Beach (Nov/04/2018)

  • Lost:Grey and black Roxy 5/4/3 [photo] women's size 6 wetsuit and size 8 Flashbomb 3mm booties in a dark blue Rubbermaid tub. I left them under my car the night of 27/10 and forgot to grab it before I left the logging road behind the landfill in Tofino. I went back after about 45 mins and it had already been picked up - I hope that person is on here! It looks like the picture I've added, but it's inside out.
    Jackie - 720-737-4013 Tofino? (Oct/28/2018)

  • Found:Coldsurf change bag and Xcell wetsuit on road between Port Renfrew and Lake Cowichan on Friday Oct 26
    email - Darren - (Oct/28/2018)

  • Rebel T7I cannon camera at amphirite lighthouse. Please contact with photo to confirm
    email - Sj - Uclulet (Oct/04/2018)

  • excel 5mm small wetsuit gloves left in Sombreo parking lot last weekend - would love to be able to keep my fingers warm this winter if anyone happens to find them!
    Vicky - 250-891-4915 Sombreo Parkinglot (Sep/28/2018)

  • Lost:Prescription sunglasses in black Optiks International case at Sombrio Beach parking lot, Sept. 10. Offering a massive karmic reward and a huge hug! (And maybe beer) If found, please call Thank you thank you thank you!
    email - Chelsea - 778-587-8819 Sombrio (Sep/14/2018)

  • Grey Dinghy got untied from our sailboat in the Gulf Islands near Portlier Pass. Could be anywhere from Reid Island, Secretary Islands to Wallace Island. Reward offered. It has a black bag with inflation equipment inside.
    email - Robert - Portlier Pass area (Sep/06/2018)

  • Lost: Ugly stick fishing rod with Sustian 2500 reel somewhere around beach entrance by big fish lodge. Hoping someone honest found, reward for its return, can be returned to Aunti Mel at the Renfrew Marina ( say it is Shirley's rod)
    email - Shirley - call me direct at 250-701-5915 Big fish lodge public beach entrance (Sep/04/2018)

  • Lost grey nylon herschel backpack, with subtle dark grey lemon motif. Lost on August 18th, 2018 at Cathedral Grove, MacMillan Provincial Park, either near the 'biggest tree' or the washrooms. Sentimental Value. Please contact and we will arrange pick up. Many Thanks.
    Toby - 778-848-4266 (Aug/20/2018)

  • Found, iPhone in otter box on the side of the Rd in Tofino
    email - Shayne - 250-618-9264 (Aug/16/2018)

  • Lost iPhone 5s @ sombrio black Wednesday August 15, between 1st point and the parking lot. Reward for safe return.
    email - damian - victoria (Aug/16/2018)

  • lost iphone @ JR in gold wallet case with black and white photo of woman in the inside pocket, lost at Jorden river camp site at lot 18 would be greatfullly apriciated if found :) please call
    nicole - 250-634-3557 (Jul/31/2018)

  • Lost:gropro hero 5 black in its case lost on the south end of Chesterman beach or possibly the parking lot, or somewhere in between. More importantly my memory card was in there with 1000s of beloved photos that were never backed up & I don't think my trip photos are of any use to anyone so if you could Please return the memory card to me at the very least I would be one very happy gal. Share and spread the word please. if you want to contact me anonymously for a mailing address you can email or call
    email - Nicole - 780-686-5678 Chesterman Beach (Jul/24/2018)

  • Lost:Samsung Gear Fit 2 Watch Small Near mint I lost my beloved watch while camping out near the hidden falls on Sombrio last August (I know, it’s a long shot). If anyone found something like it, I’d love to try to confirm it’s mine. I have the app on my phone still and it would tell me if it is mine. I dont know what the condition of it would be or if it even works (or if it was ever found) Just found this website and figured I would give it a shot. It had a black silicone band.
    email - Caelan Lee - Sombrio (Jul/24/2018)

  • Lost black clutch wallet with id of shalon webber-heffernan
    email - shalon - 778-887-8145 Tofino (Jul/22/2018)

  • Lost gopro hero 3+ at ahous bay while surfing on vargas island june 25th. 100 reward for it's return.
    email - Michael - Tofino area (Jun/28/2018)

  • Lost Pacific Surf Co. canvas bag with camera, passport, map book, book inside. Lost in Tofino on Sunday, June 24th. $100 reward. Please please please.
    email - Kathryn Choate - 503-298-8358 Tofino (Jun/26/2018)

  • Lost rip curl wetsuit and Xcel Booties in a garbage bag at Long Beach on the 18th of June.
    Isa - Please, call me at 778-252-0545 Long Beach (Jun/20/2018)

  • Lost Prescription glasses @ Sombrio beach, tortoise shell, square framed, blue blocker tint to lens. Lost on June 1st weekend
    Katie - Call or text 514-894-4482 (Jun/05/2018)

  • Lost:wallet May 26 2018 containing a picture ID card of Sean Roberts. Please call if you find this wallet and it can be collected. Thankyou
    Irene Roberts - 250-738-0337 (May/28/2018)

  • Lost: GoPro3 in waterproof case, with colourful lanyard; while surfing on Long Beach - May 20, 2018 (Sunday). $50 reward for return.
    email - Kris - Call or text 604-862-4974 (May/21/2018)

  • Lost Gopro hero 4 Black at Cox Bay, Tofino, with orange floaty back door attached, on May 20 around 2PM, please let me know if you come across it, thank you!
    Jirka - 778-877 4897 Cox Bay (May/21/2018)

  • Lost Men's military style watch with Latin engraving on the back. around Port Renfrew or somewhere along the road back to Sooke. This was a gift and has special meaning. I would appreciate if you've found this to please let me know.
    Val - 250-474-2760 Port Renfrew (May/17/2018)

  • Lost - Herschel Black backpack with Green Filson Jacket inside and Cannon Rebel Camera (so many personally important photos of the first year of my daughter's life). Left the bag outside of our car at approximately 2pm on Saturday May 12 2018. Right near the main pay station for the provincial park fee. Please reach out to me asap if you have any info of the whereabouts
    Lauren - 778-223-3826 (May/13/2018)

  • Stolen:large 4.5/3.5 black Rip Curl E Bomb from the sauna at Jordan River : with the zipper tab broken off. Size 10 3mm Billabong booties, maul, axe, and two hatchets. Reward offered.
    email - Donovan - (Apr/09/2018)

  • Lost:Grey fuzzy blanket [photo] with bear head on it. Lost in the tacofino parking lot in Tofino on Monday April 2, 2018.
    email - Justine - 604-512-8771 Lost at tacofino Tofino (Apr/03/2018)

  • Lost tripod at sombrio beach, most likely in the parking lot March 23,2018
    email - Dena - Sombrio (Mar/26/2018)

  • Found: Gopro in Sombrio parking lot on Monday, March 5th around 2pm. Wanting to get it back to it's owner, text me if it's yours or someones you know!
    Sydney - 778-220-6011 Victoria (Mar/09/2018)

  • 6'0" JS surfboard Found at Wick Beach - Thurs, Mar 01 - inside construction fence for new washroom building - now with Pacific Rim National Park Reserve Administration Office lost and found
    email - Kat or Mike - 250-726-3500 PRNPR Admin Office to describe / claim (Mar/01/2018)

  • A pair of Black Flashbomb gloves (small) and a black 6 ft FCS leash was Left in Sombrio Beach Parking Lot:left hand side of the parkinglot (looking towards the ocean) on the edge of the timber. I would greatly appreciate if these items were found. I will definitely make it worth your time to contact me, Praise Honesty! Cheers
    email - Ryan Brunt - 250-667-6904 Sombrio Parking Lot (Jan/21/2018)

  • Found:Tripod on Port Renfrew beach [photo] You and I chatted before I surfed, so I will know you and your car to identify you.
    Tony - 250-818-0330 Victoria (Jan/09/2018)

  • Lost: surfboard [photo] (yellow in gray case) left at Jordan River Dec 24
    Kim - 250-415-5135 (Dec/25/2017)

  • Lost Raen sunnies black lost in sombrio parking lot. Thanks.
    Eric - 250-415-5167 (Dec/23/2017)

  • Stolen: Mens 2016 Vissla 7 seas hooded 5/4/3 sz MT, xcel xplorer 3mm booties sz 9.5 from my porch in Victoria. If these are spotted it would be greatly appreciated if you were to contact me. Wetsuit was in practically brand-new condition, but with a small tear on the peak brim.
    email - Patrick J. - 613-297-9612 (Oct/30/2017)

  • lost my wetsuit gloves on Saturday October 28th at Sombrio Beach car park. If anyone found them please call. thanks
    alex - 604-724-0845 (Oct/30/2017)

  • Lost: my GoPro hero 5 on October 8th around 4 pm while surfing at chesterman beach. Appreciate it!
    Mike - If anyone has come across it please call or text 604-218-3403 (Oct/13/2017)

  • Lost: set of keys at Sewers October 8, 2017 after 3:30 pm We lost a set of 4 keys: Toyota car key with auto entry fob, house key, small circular ended key and square ended key. May have been in Sewers parking lot or across the street where we parked. If found, please email
    email - Alexa - Sewers (Oct/10/2017)
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