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  • advertisers in Canada and the Pacific North West
  • used sporting goods wanted & for sale in Canadian funds
  • we prefer to post ads for individually described & priced items.
  • outdoor activity related messages
  • a photo will help sell your gear
  • you can include a text link to your item on manufactures' and other websites.
  • acceptable, local, non-conforming ads run on everything else

  • new retail goods, services & businesses belong in our business directories and are excluded from classifieds
  • we don't run ads for commercial sales events, but will run ads for individually described & priced used items.
  • we don't list consignments in shops, unless the shop submits the ad with their contact info
  • we don't list anything on ebay, or other online auctions.
  • we don't provide links to craig's list, or other online classifieds, their photos or contact info.
  • ads with WORDS in UPPER CASE/CAPITOLS will be converted to all lower case
    All emphasis is no emphasis and ALL CAPS ARE HARD TO READ.

Ads run up to 3 months unless you retire them and may be re-submitted / altered / updated / retired anytime you want. Just copy your ad and paste it in this form or an email and tell us just what you'd like us to do with it. [be nice]

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Notice to Apple iPhone and iPad users. Apple names all your pics image.jpg or image.jpeg. If you send us more than 2 pics per day, they just overwrite the fist two you send. Better to send us an email and attach pics to it. Sorry for the hassle. We'll look for a solution. If you happen to know of formmail that will work for Apple, please let us know.

when updating ads we automatically attach the old photo - no need to resend an already posted photo

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If you added a photo on the form but it doesn't show up w/your ad, it didn't take. Please attach it to email and resend.

If you aren't from Canada or the PNW, your ad will not be considered.

Repeated non-conforming submissions are filtered to trash.

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