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  • 6'3" Channel Islands Fred Rubble Round Tail 5 Fin [photo] FCS II 6'3", 19 3/4", 2 9/16", 33 litters. Used once (long story), mint $750
    Adam - 250-266-4536 Victoria/Ucluelet (Oct/15/2018)

  • 6'2" FCD patagonia Huevos Rancheros [photo] 6'2" 20 1/8" 2 7/16" Good condition $350 Beginner / Intermediate hybrid shape. Easy paddler. approx 34 L. EPS foam with epoxy resin. Durable and light. 5 fin futures
    andy - 250-884-0108 Victoria (Oct/15/2018)

  • 6'3" x 19-1/8" x 2-5/8" proctor celestial transporter [photo] 31.5 liters good condition with a couple pro ding repairs future fin boxes $500
  • 5'8" x 19-7/8" x 2-7/16" proctor rascal [photo] 31.3 liters 2 great condition future fin boxes $600
  • 7'2" x 19-1/8" x 2-5/8" stone west oz gun [photo] 40 liters great condition fcs fin boxes $500
    Tony - 250-888-3684 Sooke (Oct/14/2018)

  • 6'4" HaydenShapes Hypto Krypto [photo] for trade. 43.23L I bought this board last winter. Used 10 times. It's too big for what I want. I would like to trade for the same Hypto in a 6'2" or 6'0" similar condition, with 5 fin future set up. Board is in near brand new shape, only a few pressure dents on the deck from my damn feet.
    email - Bogdan Trebesh - 778-689-2637 (Oct/13/2018)

  • 6'1 Rusty Neil Diamond [photo] W 20 / T 2.55 / Volume 33.8 pretty much in brand new condition (a few small pressure dings - no big deal) $550. no fins. 5 FCS set up
    steve - text only 250-507-2343 victoria / sooke (Oct/13/2018)

  • Larry Allison volan glass 10" fin [photo] Custom, Brand new never seen water. 80.
    Chris - 250-592-5441 Victoria (Oct/13/2018)

  • 5'6 lost rocket [photo] Well used but still in decent condition. Would be a great little board for someone's kids! $150
  • 5'8 Sitka hatchet model [photo] Good condition $100.
    email - Cam - 250-893-4470 Victoria (Oct/09/2018)

  • 5'10 Aftanas Sled Surfboard [photo] Brand new never ridden Locally Shaped in Tofino, BC - 5'10 x 20 x 2 1/2 - 32L - Five fin setup - Squash tail - PolyU/poly build - Future Fin Boxes (fins Not included) Modern shortboard shape focused on speed and paddling, features deep single concave shifting to subtle double, slightly more rocker than the board suggests for lively feeling on wave. $500firm
    Donats - 778-239-4870 Vancouver (Oct/09/2018)

  • 5'11 NWSD custom [photo] 5'11-18"1/4-2"1/8 excellent condition, 1 small tail crack professionally repaired. Hand shaped by Scott Rowley with pinlines and airbrush. Single concave throughout with Futures Thruster setup. Ideal for a lighter surfer. Free bag included. $400
    email - damian - victoria (Oct/03/2018)

  • 6' barracuda clownfish [photo] with board bag. 6'x19x2 3/8 Great condition. Only ridden a few times. $350
    email - Jeff - 250-802-6423 Nanaimo (Oct/01/2018)

  • 5'11 Escobar Shapes [photo] 5'11 x 18 3/8 x 2.45 - 28L w/ Thruster Fins Hawaiian Shaper Brand New ridden once. $500 - paid $650. Was shape for myself but the wrong width dimension. I replaced it with the exact board and dimension I wanted for $950. I love the board though so my loss is your gain. Price is firm as I am not in a rush to sell. Epoxy, 5 Fin, Channel Bottom. This board rips, the channels allow for faster down the line speed and the epoxy ads to the float. Good 50/50 rails for digging into the turns. Comes with fins - Future Thruster Lost sz Large Can bring to Victoria because I come often
    email - Roberto - 604-351-8768 Vancouver (Oct/08/2018)

  • 6'0 Aftanas Koifish [photo] Excellent condition. Dimensions are in the photo. Text is you want more pics or info. Thruster set up. Price doesn't include fins. $560
    Jeff - 250-713-4094 Ucluelet (Oct/09/2018)

  • 6'4"x18 1/2"x2 3/8" Rusty [photo] Nice and light shortboard. Great performance. Has seen some use with some ding repairs. Water tight. $175 obo.
  • 9'3 Longboard [photo] Great for smaller waves and learning but handles bigger waves. Almost new! $625 obo
    email - Sean - 250-739-1404 Nanaimo/Tofino/Victoria (Sep/30/2018)

  • 5'8" FireWire Potatonator FST [photo] 34L Rides like a shortboard, snags waves like a potato shape. 5-fin futures. A couple minor nick repairs. Comes with a set of Scarfini quad fins and leash. $480 obo No trades thnx
    Jay - In Ukee text 250-816-1387 (Sep/28/2018)

  • 6'10 egg shape board [photo] Fun size, still lots of volume. $450 Comes with leash and fins. Single or thruster set up. Just had crack in fin box repaired professionally, water tight. Few scratches but good condition. 6'10" x 20 3/4" x 2 5/8"
    Jenny - 250-588-7746 Victoria (Sep/27/2018)

  • 6'2 J5 Industries Quiver | $500 | new fins | great condition | dimensions and photo to come
    email - Gael - 778-887-5472 Victoria (Sep/24/2018)

  • 9' Pearson Arrow Twin Fin w/ 9'6 Dakine solar board bag; hotline leash. No dings ; 5-6 yr old.
    max - 250-744-2923 victoria (Sep/24/2018)

  • 6'4" Epoxy Antonio Vasquez Shapes [photo] Dimensions: 18 3/4 x 2 3/4 Really fun board. Good condition - A little bit of yellowing throughout, but water tight and no dings. I never have a chance to use it anymore. asking $200
    Brett - 204-930-0455 Cumberland (Sep/20/2018)

  • 6'6" FireWire dominator [photo] epoxy 6'6"x21 1/4 wide 2 7/8 thick. Thruster and quad set ups Great board in Good condition, one ding professionally repaired at barracuda. Comes with thruster fin set up and board bag. $450
    email - Brandon - 250-415-0965 French beach / sooke (Sep/23/2018)

  • 5'8 Lost Short Round by Lib Tech [photo] Just under 29 litres. I actually want to trade this for a short board 26.5 ish litres if you have one. Perfect south island board, bullet proof and closed cell foam so it doesn't take on water. Great condition - duck dive indent and small crack. $500
    email - Colter - 250-512-9015 Victoria (Sep/15/2018)

  • 5'11.75" X 20" X 2.5" Anian [photo] this is a beat up unit. still floats great and catches waves. will include fins! $75 and she is yours.
    email - zach - 250-589-9683 victoria (Sep/09/2018)

  • 6'4" x 20 7/8 x 2 9/15 NSP [photo] Great condition Comes with fins $425
    Adele - 514-592-8041 Ucluelet (Sep/08/2018)

  • 5'11" Sitka Jay Novak Hand shape [photo] As new condition. 675$ DIMS: 5'11" 19 15/16 2 1/2 31.1L Construction: Poly foam/ poly glassing, future 5-fin setup. As new condition, used 2 times, the fact that it has a deck pad is really only noticeable use. An all around short board shape designed and hand shaped by Jay Novak in California (shapes Sitka, Tomo, AKA etc). Design based on Noah Cohen hatchet model, with extra foam to for surfing beach breaks, has a more gradual rocker throughout board, with some extra single concave. intended to be fast down the line with a lot of release/ability to trow tail around on top turns. Daily driver board with this intention. Plus! Rad smoke resin tint :)
  • 6'4" CI Flyer [photo] 350$ DIMS: 6'4" 19 1/2 2 3/8 Construction: Surftec Tuflite. FCS 3-fin setup. Used, no dings, never had a ding, just some small scratches here and there. One totally water tight dent from a fin encounter is the major noticeable wear but needs no fixing. This board is a total war hammer, surfs the same it did the day I got it, and has seen some milage. Its amazing how well these boards hold up. You can see the use in the tail pad, but the board is still going hard. if you never want buy another board or want to have a board that will never die and works pretty good in everything this is a good board to get. This board I used as a “fish" for many years as its a small wave design with a bunch of volume and float for its size, and works in basically anything you can find in tofino. Excels in smaller waves. Legendary status about the design on the CI website. ALSO: comes with some Merrick Template fins.
  • 6'10" K-Step up [photo] Never ridden. Clark Foam. 550$ DIMS: 6'10" 19 2 1/2 Construction: Poly foam/ step-up poly glassing, FCS 3 fin setup. Never ridden K-Step up MADE WITH CLARK FOAM the year it closed down. One small ding in the bottom that needs repair (from an airline mishap). The short version of the story is: I ordered this board for a trip that I backed out of, and I'm going in another direction in life and need to move on. Designed for hollower powerful waves where you don't need a gun but need something extra. Check CI website if you want info on shape. Have un-used FCS Arc size large fins (Merrick template) for extra 75$.
    email - john - 250-661-1915 tofino (Sep/08/2018)

  • 5'6" Lost Puddle Jumper [photo] FCS II Carbon Wrap Excellent condition. well maintained. $500 firm. Board new is $1200 Cad. Perfect board for most of our waves around here.
    Larry - 250-642-3593 Sooke (Sep/05/2018)

  • 6'0" Firewire Alternator [photo] 18 3/4", around 28 L. Super fun, tough board, especially in good surf. $250.
    email - Erik - Victoria (Sep/03/2018)

  • 6'2 Lost RNF Redux [photo] FCSII x 5 plugs 6'2 x 21.5" x 2.8" @ 43L. New Condition. No Dings. 'Surfed only few times.' Deck Pad incl. No Fins. Carbon Wrap onstruction. Great all-around fish/hybrid. $800.00 OBO (retails for over $1200.00)
    Bill - Text 604-839-4354 Surrey, BC (Sep/27/2018)

  • 7' Fender single fin egg [photo] 7' x 21ish" wide x 2 7/8ish" thick. Used as guitar stand, never surfed. Similar to surftech, looks like a wave hog. Price dropped to $850 includes fin and standing
    email - Matt - 778-977-0829 Victoria (Aug/30/2018)

  • 7ft Softech Board Good Condition 300
  • 9 ft Pacific Islands Wooden Longboard [photo] Good condition, Handcrafted on Vancouver Island. The board has an awesome shape, good for small days, but enough rocker to get into big waves, really fun to ride, great longboard for turns. $400
    email - Sean - 905-960-6152 Tofino (Aug/25/2018)

  • 6'2" x 19.5" x 2 3/8" Aftanas Hipster [photo] Excellent Condition. Includes FCS FG-5 Fins. All Dings professionally repaired by Barracuda Surfboards $350
    Whit - 778-677-3727 Victoria (Aug/23/2018)

  • 6'6" Channel Islands Black Beauty [photo] barely used, tail pad, tokoro future fins included 500 firm
    email - Tony - 250-888-3684 Sooke (Aug/23/2018)

  • 9'4" Walden magic PU [photo] New condition, only a few days on it nose riding machine 1000$ obo was $1500 plus tax new, will throw in a board bag as well. Doesn't get better than this. Mabye you want it.'maybe you don't. But either way don't call to just blah blah blah. just a shame to leave in bag hiding in garage.
    Itychyneck - 778-676-5501 Nanaimo (Aug/21/2018)

  • 5'9 Channel Islands Good groveller mini [photo] 34L - $350 some battle scars but sill plenty of life Comes with fins, bag and leash (Handplane also for sale) Available for viewing in the van/Washington area while I do a bit of travelling.
    Al - Text message is best 25O-266-677I Vancouver (Aug/09/2018)

  • 6'0 Mt Wodgee Kong costum Ian Byrne surfboard [photo] $150 OBO Used condition but all ding professionally repared. Beginner shortboard, realy stable. lots of volume and easy to paddle and catch waves with. Could be a great first shortboard if you are transitioning from longer boards. Fins and leash included. as well as attachment for Gopro.
    Gabriel - 778-922-5462 Victoria BC (Aug/04/2018)

  • 6'1" Feral Dave Diverse Turbo [photo] Good Condition Minor Bumps and Bruises $300 just board
    email - Kiefer - 250-858-4205 Victoria (Jul/19/2018)

  • 6'7" 70's singlefin [photo] Meticulously restored Approx 6'7" x 19.5" x 2.75" Restored at Barracuda $500 obo I Love it, but just don't get around to surfing it I'll have it up in Ukee/Tof this weekend then back to Vic Only reference to board I could find is below
    Tom - 250 507-3321 Vic/Ukee (Jul/11/2018)

  • 5'8 Hypto Krypto [photo] for trade. the perfect travel companion, carbon rails makes her tough as nails and at 20 ltrs she can surf 2 ft to 10 ft comfortably. I hate to part with her but a hip injury has me feeling that I need to get on a log and enjoy the ride. this board is in 8 / 10 condition and has many years left on her - comes with futures (retail 180 and travel bag retail 150) So if you have a fish / log / retro twin that is from a reputable shaper I would love to have a conversation with you. Also to note I would be happy to contribute cash as well if you have a Hobie or something to balance out the trade. Please email for further info
    email - Ryan - vancouver, BC (Jul/10/2018)

  • 6'2 x 20 3/4 x 2 3/4 Hypto Krypto [photo] Mint as new condition. $900 firm, not including fins
  • Creatures of Leisure Single fish sized day bag [photo] . Mint. but I can't find the shoulder strap. $30
    email - Neal - (Jul/06/2018)

  • 6'2" Dick Brewer thruster [photo] good condition. needs repair at the tail but not major. board is bone dry as it has been an ornament for 3 years. ready to be repaired and ridden 150$
    matthew - 250-713-9294 ladysmith (Jul/06/2018)

  • 5'10" Lost Mayhem, Rocket [photo] 5'10" 19.75 x 2.38 Solid, a few dings all repaired before water damage $225
  • 5'9" Avasin, Grendel model [photo] 5'9" x 19.5 x 2 3/8 Great shape,only some compression dent $250
    Rob - 250-634-2732 Sooke (Jul/04/2018)

  • 6'0 Aftanas analog round tail [photo] 6'0'×19×2 3/8' 30L in new condition just on cracked on nose from travel. Futures 5 fin set up 425$
    Yan - 250-702-4704 Courtenay (Jul/31/2018)
r u b b e r

  • Matuse Tumo 5/4 Medium Tall wetsuit [photo] full steamer with hood wetsuit Well worn $50 This is a well worn highly used wetsuit. Its been stitched up and glued up but never pissed upon. It's not going to be the warmest suit out there anymore, but it'll get you going and shredding just in time to get yelled at and properly insulted by the kind local folks. Will consider trades of some amazing high quality merchandise but don't hold your breath, mostly just want your cash money.
    ilja - 250-886-5765 victoria (Oct/13/2018)

  • Quiksilver Syncro Medium 5/4/3 [photo] Brand new Has not been used (tags still on it) Paid $300 with tax, but can let it go for $215 Give me a ring or drop me an email Cheers
    email - Andrew - 403-921-1416 South Island (Sep/23/2018)

  • Ripcurl Flashbomb Men's Medium Used one season, still very warm. A bit of wear and tear. Rinsed obsessively . $195 OBO
    email - Colter - 250-512-9015 Victoria (Sep/21/2018)

  • Xcel 5/4 Drylock M/T wetsuit [photo] The suit is in great condition. All seams are in tact. 250$ obo.
    Mike - 604-727-1279 Vancouver/Victoria (Sep/14/2018)
  • O'Neill L Rashguard short sleeve [photo] never used. Provides UV protection. In brand new condition. Labelled size large. Fits me at 5'4" 155 lbs. $20.
  • L Rashguard short sleeve [photo] very limited use and in great condition. Size large, but fits me at 5'4" 155 lbs. $20.
  • Quicksilver 4 mm small Gloves [photo] In great condition with very minimal use. $30.
    email - Jeff - Westshore (Sep/04/2018)

  • Excel Infinity 5/4 size MT hooded suit [photo] 2017 Only managed to use it 10 or 12 times and I'm not surfing enough at the moment to have two suits. In excellent condition, really great to have the quick dry lining. $300.
    email - Erik - Victoria (Sep/03/2018)

  • 5/4mm Xcel drylock LS wetsuit [photo] hooded size large short. I weigh 200lbs and 5'10". Surfed 1.5 seasons needs a little shoe goo on a couple seems. Some life left. Includes hotline 5mm boots size 10 and xcel 3mm gloves $90
  • O'Neil psycho1 4/3mm wetsuit [photo] no hood, size med but very stretched out. Includes hotline size 10 boot and xcel gloves. $45
    email - Matt - 778-977-0829 Victoria (Aug/30/2018)

  • 5/4 Xcel SM wetsuit [photo] Used for 1 year still in great condition. $100 Fits me I'm 5.11 / 6ft slim build. I am in Victoria but will be heading up to tofino briefly in early September.
    email - Dylan Harland - Call or text me on 604-902-3855 Victoria (Aug/29/2018)

  • Wanted: Kids size 4 4/3 full wetsuit. Please let me know what you have and how much? Thanks.
    email - Hamish - 604-808-5622 victoria (Aug/25/2018)

  • 5/4 Size 10 Quiksilver kids hooded wetsuit [photo] with size 5 7mm excel booties rinsed after every use! $100.00
    email - Tony - 250-888-3684 Sooke (Aug/23/2018)

  • Xcel infiniti 5 mm Gloves Size: M [photo] 2017 Used : 4 days like new Price = $20 I am selling because i just like the no glove feel better.
    email - Hayden - Victoria (Aug/20/2018)

  • 5.5.4 Ripcurl flashbomb XS Wetsuit Close to new 250 but flexible on price
    email - Nik Ferguson - 778-350-3294 Shawnigan lake BC (Jul/27/2018)

a c c e s o r i e s

  • 6'3" Pro-lite double board bag [photo] Mint condition $120 josh kerr quick strike model. paid over 200+tax
    andy - 250-884-0108 Victoria (Oct/15/2018)

  • 6'3 FCS Travel Double Boardbag [photo] Used condition - some scuffs and a small tear but all cosmetic. Never had boards damaged with it $100
    email - Neal - 250-882-1747 (Sep/22/2018)

  • FCS Double Soft Racks [photo] Ok condition (wax and sun faded but they work) $35 OBO Excellent for travel when your rental does have racks.
    Chris - 250-739-2949 Nanaimo (Sep/20/2018)

  • 14' Dakine SUP race board bag Ordered on line and can't return. Tail is too narrow for my expedition board Would fit a 12-13' expedition board though. Brand new condition. $85. Can get to the east side Vic or Vancouver Airport Must go moving
    Simon - 250-266-1049 Tofino (for now) (Sep/19/2018)

  • Board Bag [photo] (fish) Fits a 6'3" fish or 6'1" short board. Bag is in older condition but works fine. Zipper works. No shoulder strap included. $50 firm.
    Nicholas - 250-885-5306 Nanaimo (Sep/16/2018)

  • 7'2" double FCS travel bag [photo] good shape $50.00
  • Deluxe 8' FCS triple travel bag [photo] with wheels in great shape $120.00
    email - Tony - 250-888-3684 Sooke (Aug/23/2018)

  • Dakine 7'6 Daylight Surf Noserider Surfboard Bag [photo] Excellent Condition. Shoulder Strap not included $85
    email - Nicholas - Vancouver, BC (Jul/27/2018)

  • Dockslocks surf board/SUP lock [photo] $35 Almost brand new. Only used once! Never worry about your gear again! Lock your surf board or SUP to you roof racks or to something at the beach. The lock attaches to the fin plug. Also includes a traditional fin box adapter.
    Emily - 778-350-0032 Fernwood, Victoria (Jul/03/2018)

w a n t e d

  • Looking for 6'6-7'6 Egg board with 2+1 or single fin set-up.
    email - Amanda - Sooke (Oct/15/2018)

  • Looking for a Firewire Evo 5'7" - 5'9"
    Greg - 778-557-6057 Victoria (Oct/08/2018)

  • Looking for a board for a beginner surfer hoping to get into the water this winter. Im 6'3 and 210 lbs so probably looking for something over 55L or so (maybe 7'6+ ?) Text/email me with what youve got, thanks!
    email - Nolan - 778-678-0330 Victoria (Sep/14/2018)

  • Looking for old, broken and / or unusable surfboards Let me know what you're asking is as what area you're in and I'll come pick up. Being used for a unique project, will treat with TLC. Going to a good home :) Thanks!
    email - 250-885-2610 Nicala (Sep/14/2018)

  • I'm looking for a large wetsuit for a friend who's 5'8. We'll be on the island this weekend. fri-monday.
    email - paul - 778-255-2328 sombrio (Sep/14/2018)

  • Rip Curl XL Hooded Vest [photo] Very limited use and in great condition. Labelled XL, but fits me at 5'4" 155 lbs. $25.

  • Looking for a Foamie, Longbaord, or Mini-mal suitable for getting a newbie adult (160lb) on the water and into waves. Any condition short of falling apart will do.
    Sam - 778-266-9300 Tofino (Aug/27/2018)

  • Looking for double board bag 6'+
    ZK - 519-777-2675 Victoria (Aug/11/2018)

Jeffries Bay SA & Punta de Mita, Nayarit, Mexico accomodations & surf trips
Jeffries Bay SA & Punta de Mita, Nayarit, Mexico accomodations & surf trips
email - greg

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