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advertise with us    ♠ media kit continues our committed to continually increase quality and quantity of original content on coastal British Columbia's premier Outdoor Portal & Ezine web site. Outdoor enthusiasts visit everyday to check weather and sea conditions, see current photos of themselves, their friends and neighbors, read interviews and articles, check out the BC Surf Forum, find out where to buy goods and services, make plans for local outdoor recreation, and to find info on local events & outdoor industry news. visitors
Sex: 76% Male
24% Female
Age: median: 27

2% under 15
17% 15 - 19
27% 20 - 24
30% 25 - 29
18% 30 - 39
6% 40 +

Site Statistics
Yearly Page views: 2 million + -

Geographical location of visitors by percentage
Canada 83%
US 9.8%
UK 1.6%
Australia 1%

In our twenteenth year of operation, has become highly regarded in the Internet community and enjoys referral traffic from a multitude of outdoor web sites. also ranks well on many search engines, but the core of our traffic comes from the bookmarks and word-of-mouth referrals of local outdoor enthusiasts. In our last survey, over 60% of respondents used the term love to describe some aspect of

Image File Requirements: Maximums

events / non-profits
Size: 285x240 pixels
File Size: 40k
File Format: jpeg, gif, animated gif, flash swf, or text

300x600 half-page
Size: 300x600 pixels
File Size: 90k
File Format: jpeg, gif, animated gif, flash swf, or text

300x250 medium rectangle
Size: 300x250 pixels
File Size: 40k
File Format: jpeg, gif, animated gif, flash swf, or text

300x100 3:1 rectangle
Size: 300x100 pixels
File Size: 25k
File Format: jpeg, gif, animated gif, flash swf, or text

*swf files require

  • embedded link
  • target=blank to spawn a new browser
  • standard clicktag code

for sales please contact;
Cam Scott
5085 Jones Rd
Ladysmith BC, V9G 1M6
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