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Everyone is welcome to submit photos, video, trip reports, story, ect of themselves and their friends enjoying this massive playground we live in.

When you send good original content in regularly we would like to thank you with CoastalBC points which you can redeem for homegrown stuff

If you have suggestions please share them with us

  • Our goal is to make this work and be fair. We can give our advertisers a little better deal when they throw in some swag. Our job is to try and make sure some swag hits you when you send in content.
  • try & always use the same name to submit stuff
  • When you have accumulated points to cash in, just email us with the item name & item number. Please do this often cause we got boxes, boxes, & more boxes of stuff cluttering up the office.
  • we'll need a Canadian address when you want your swag [if you aren't going to pick it up on your way through Ladysmith]
  • usually about 1 point per photo. Send in a bunch.
  • high quality telephoto surf shots can get 3 to 5 points each
  • no points for low res frame grabs and images under 800x600 pixels but we'll still post them for you.
  • We top out at about 50 points per submission.

  • edited videos submitted to us & placed on our YouTube account get 10-40 points depending on length, quality, ect.
  • We embed your Youtube & Vimeo videos but don't give points for them because we have no control over them. Accounts close, videos are removed, ect.
  • raw video clips score about like photos
  • articles, interviews, fiction, cartoon strips, ect, get anywhere from 15 to 50. Video and/or photos and/or graphics are a great enhancement to the written word.
  • Subject matter? You see us covering something on this website, we're looking for same subject submissions. If you don't see where your submission might fit, send it anyway and we'll see if we have a place for it.
  • Retiring Points If someone has just a few points accumulated, and they make no more submissions for a few years, we reserve the right to retire their account.

CoastalBC competition coverage [skate, wake, surf, MB, kayak, skim, BMX, ask]
Pay out about 50 points. If you shoot less of 1 thing, shoot more of another and you still get 50 points.

  • 30 points for 30+ reasonable action photos from any local comp
  • 5 points for 5+ atmosphere, crowd photos
  • 5 points for shooting podium photos
  • 5 points for shooting the final standings
  • up to 5 points for a write-up about a comp
  • check with us before you shoot a comp for us. Someone may already be on it.


  • 15 to 40 points for a good trail guide w/a few photos of any CoastalBC hiking Trail


  • 15 to 40 points for photos of a new climbing crag and description, ect

To get your swag you can pick it up in Ladysmith or we mail it to you

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