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Everyone is welcome to send in content. We give points towards SWAG to regular contributors.

Always happy to get competiton results & podium shots [send a pic of the leaderboard / results sheet / winner's list is fine]

If you write, report, review, shoot photos or video, or people shoot you, send us what you got and we'll post it. We are really interested in content that tells what it was like to be where you were, doing what you were doing, on any particular BC day.

Best way is to send stuff in attached to an email or ask for FTP instructions.

A little accompanying info is good

date photo taken: 

Submission Guidelines

photos - frame grabs - video - articles

Send us what you got. Following is only what we hope for


» most photos we post at about 1200 pixels [wide or tall]
» 1024x768 for incidental shots [location, crowd, atmosphere]
» 1600 or even 2000 pixels wide if it's something people will use for wallpaper

» we usually save jpg files at 19% off best quality.

We can resize and process your photos and run them through a few filters. If you want to submit finished labeled photos, they must be labeled and include as much info as possible;

tagging surf photos:

never name a surf spot     rider - comment/trick - date - photographer -

tagging other photos:

rider - comment/trick - location, date - photographer -

all tags:

if the tag is so prominent it competes with the photo subject, we don't post the photo


Local videos welcomed. There's a lot of talent on this coast. Use your imagination and have fun. Do something completely different, or the same old.

Raw video clips are OK to submit.

Raw event video is welcomed. Try to shoot lots of action and try to shoot lots of atmosphere shots. We return your tapes.

Video interviews and video coverage of events welcomed.

finished video should come complete with;

  • Host name [ presents]
  • event name / title / description / date / whatever's relevant
  • closing credits, music credit, editor, camera person
  • unedited clips and tape accepted by attachment or at the mailing address below
  • finished, labled video is ideally
    • WMV using the 7 codec [wider compatibility than the 9 codec]
    • MOV or MP4 or some such alternative format
  • Max finished file size is about 10 megs, maybe 15 if it's killer.

articles, commentaries and interviews

  • most anything relevant that our visitors will find entertaining.
  • a few photos or graphics are always welcomed and add a lot.
  • you can come attached in word.doc or in the body of an email
  • If you record a real good interview we may take care of transcribing it. [cassette, mini cassette or digital] Try to get a photo or two to go with it.
5085 Jones Rd
Ladysmith BC, V9G 1M6









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