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SK8ER : a novel by Steven Barwin

SK8ER : a novel by Steven Barwin

Jordy Lee and his friends spend all their free time on their skateboards, navigating the crowded streets of Toronto's Kensington Market. They're thrilled when a new skateboarding park opens and offers a youth competition with a rich prize. The talented Alisha might be able to coach Jordy to a win, but what will his friends think about Jordy getting advice from a cute girl?

"Praise for Steve Barwin's Icebreaker: Engaging, fast-paced, and satisfying... Barwin gifts readers with more than a solid story." Voice of Youth Advocates

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Skull Skates - Skateboarding Vancouver

Skull Skates - Skateboarding Vancouver:Coffee Table Book

Skull Skates "skateboarding vancouver - the skull skates collection at the vancouver museum" coffee table book. Soft cover, 205 pages published by Concrete Wave Editions. "If you are even remotely interested in the history of skateboarding, this is a must have! Starting with the invention of urethane wheels and taking you all the way up to the present, Skateboarding Vancouver is a remarkable book. Not only does it have a strong focus on the Canadian skate scene but it also touches on the American skate history as well. With it's clean layout, fantastic pictures and informative captions, this book is dead on!" -

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Skateboard Retrospective: A Collector's Guide by Rhyn Noll

Skateboard Retrospective: A Collector's Guide by Rhyn Noll (Hardcover - Jan 2000)

evolution of skateboarding.

Noll Surf & Skate, Crescent City, California



Skateboard Shakedown - Lesley Choyce

Skateboard Shakedown (1989) A novel by Lesley Choyce










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