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Malcolm Johnson in Conversation With Peter Devries in Conversation With Peter Devries
by Malcolm Johnson

visit the Surfrider Foundation Report: The Lowdown on Surfrider Canada By Malcolm Johnson

surf photographer  Craig Peterson Surf Photography in the 1970ís
An interview with long time Surfer Magazine photographer Craig Peterson by Eliza McKay

Susan Burron's musings on learning to surf will be an ongoing periodical on The Next Wave
Susan Burron's musings on learning to surf

Susan Burron's musings on learning to surf will be an ongoing periodical on I Wake Up Surfing
by Susan Burron

singer, songwriter, surfer, film-maker, Haleiwa native, and all-round decent guy Jack Johnson In Conversation With Jack Johnson
by Malcolm Johnson
an indepth interview with the singer, songwriter, surfer, film-maker, Haleiwa native, and all-round decent guy Jack Johnson

a few thoughts on localism - Local Lack of Knowledge by Mike Stupka

Local Lack of Knowledge - a few thoughts on localism
by Mike Stupka

Oct/05/2002 Roxy Quiksilver Surf Jam, Cox Bay, Tofino BC 2002 Roxy Quiksilver Surf Jam
October 2002

Sunday October 13 2002 - Thanksgiving Surf Classic - Lawrencetown Beach, Nova Scotia CSA - Thanksgiving Surf Classic
Sunday October 13 2002 - Lawrencetown Beach, Nova Scotia

Quiksilver/Roxy Summer Surf Jam 2001, Tofino BC, Canada Quiksilver/Roxy Surf Jam 2001
July 2001

» Standing Waves about standing waves and surfing by John Newgard
I discovered a wave that with 4 minute rides, that broke the same every day, unaffected by wind direction,

» A Weekend in New Zealand Port Moresby, NZ on a sunny Sunday morn. by Dave McCallum 3/10/02

Quiksilver/Roxy Summer Surf Jam 2000, Tofino BC, Canada Quiksilver/Roxy Summer Surf Jam 2000

» surfing related aggression and localism on Vancouver Island

» 99/00 surf season coverage - photos & a few words by Jacob Malthouse
South Island. 7:00 AM. Three guys out. Sunny. Ever have one of those sessions where you're grinning like an idiot for days afterwards.....

» First wetsuit - by Bonzer
I heard someone say, "he's not wearing his underwear". It only took a moment to size up the situation....

» Jesse Oke - Reflections on a Canadian Surfing Legend - By Aaron Jackson
surfed everything from body boards to longboards to a 5'10 fish

» World Surf Day 99 - report and photos
I looked over the mail and the NGs, but didn't have the heart to check the buoys. I wouldn't be surfing this day or any day soon

» The Essence by Lloyd "Jack" Johnston in South Africa - Mon, 26 Apr 1999
These days are as important as the best conditions you have ever surfed. These days make good days truly epic

» Sand-hill Surfing by Neil Borecky
I spent 8 hours a day in the water during that time. Surfing between time spent eating and sleeping at my little camp above a bay .....

» surfing with sharks around vancouver island Q & A
I was surfing near Long Beach, when, to my amazement, I witnessed what seemed to be a 8-10 ft. grey shark .....

» Ferry wake surfing in BC! - photos/write-up by Aaron Jackson
so we set out for Gabriola Island, on our epic 24 hour quest to find the PacifiCat wave.....

» Memories of Vancouver Island - Mike Crome - Story with location photos
I first went to the West Coast in 1971 when I was 16. A mate and I hitched over to meet my uncle who was keeper of the Amphitrite Point lighthouse ..........

» Man, was that you? - 1998 - scribblings
Why am I out here surfing? This question comes to me and is answered sitting in the line-up ..........

» Sumertime Surfin 98 - 1998 - photos
It is a natural state that slips past the mortal man in me and seeps deep into the soul ..........

» Just Another Surf Story by Lloyd "Jack" Johnston in South Africa - 30 Jul 1998
I am now in a place I have never been before. There is noise, yet I hear no sound. There is immense speed, but I feel completely still. Time does not exist. It is cool and beautiful.

» Paddling to Church - Story
As I closed on the creek mouth a flock of some 40 Canadian Geese turned and prepared to land. They hit the water with a loud oscillating whir, and began to honk trash at each other ........

» Jeff's Mysto Spot - Jeff Mauck - Story with photos
I've surfed Oregon for a decade and have never surfed waves as good as the ones we found there. It was like sitting in an alpine lake between sets .......

» February 1998 - Story with photos
It's chunky and empty, and I stand and watch, long after the decision to look further. This is my home break ..........

1997 BCSA surf Comp BCSA Surf Comp May 1997

» Summer in April 97 - 1997 - Story with photos
Waves were hip to shoulder high, clean, and really, really fun ....

» Stoked in May 97 - 1997 - Story with photos
It was getting late in the day so I made plans and hooked up with the Ucluclet crew after they got off work. "BINGO" The waves built to head high and cleaned up. The rain showers stopped and the sun tried to break out. Fun, fun waves ......

» Florida Dave - Story with photos
I think he came from around the Great Lakes, a competitive skim boarder that was captured by surfing .......

» Stormy March 97 - Story with photos
We went down the trail in one of those "we're too old and dignified to run but we're too excited to stroll" gaits. There was maybe fifteen guys out .....

» December 7, 1997 - 1997 - Story with photos
The thunder of the collapsing tube as we paddled out sent waves of adrenaline coursing through my body. I felt like a kid arriving late to a parade ..........

» Brad Starts Surfing - 1997 - Story with photos
Brad has stayed at home for the last few years and watched his older brother go off surfing with us. This summer, his tenth, he was bound to give it a try ..........

» Jeremy from Nanaimo - Jeremy King - Story
This is about my third year surfing since I moved to Nanaimo. I met a bunch of friends in high school that were really into surfing ......

» what's old Neil up to now?
As we all know from "SickDays", flat spells are particularly rough on Neil.....

» Sick Days - the photos, the graphs, the predicament, the math by Neil Borecky
It is possibly the cruelest, most agonizing form of mental torment that can be inflicted upon an individual.....

» the west coast, right coast reef - photos/write-up by Jesse
Just a little something to show what happens in the Straight of Georgia....

» ingodshands - A story/film review by Jesse

» essence - 'Unexpected opportunities' - a few words about beachbreaks by Jesse

» life - A story by Jesse
(10:30am) November 20,1998 - The wave was so hollow and peaked so quickly that I 'air-dropped' and for a split-second, I thought to myself that I would make the drop....

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