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Years ago at Pipeline, a crisp tradewind blowing Raph Bruhwiler sat shivering in the lineup, the coldest he'd ever felt in the water. It's a strange way to imagine Canada's first professional surfer. Hundreds of surfers visit his hometown of Tofino, the quiet Vancouver Island village. Bruhwiler shares a grit and toughness with the area, earned over a lifetime chasing waves in the inhospitable and maddeningly fickle Pacific Northwest. But he'll be the first to tell you, the elements that conspire against surfers -- whether it's the North Shore tradewinds or Tofino's numbing gales, they are as inherent to the PNW experience as the waves themselves.

We reached out to Bruhwiler and asked him about the lessons he's learned from Tofino, the surf culture he helped create, the importance of family, and how the difference between surfing and survival all comes down to preparation.

Raph Bruhwiler | Revivalist
Revivalist Raph Bruhwiler is a Badass. The harsh demands of Vancouver Island, Canada dictate you have to be to live there. While living in Quebec, Raph's parents bought property by letter in Tofino. Like early day settlers, they moved the family west without even really knowing what was in store for them. A love affair with the ocean was in store for Raph, learning to surf off Chesterman's Beach at the age of eight while becoming one of Canada's first professional surfers in the process. Raph's love and knowledge for the ocean have served him well, landing him in the Canadian Coast Guard patrolling and protecting his home waters of Tofino. When not on duty Raph surfs, camps, hunts and makes DIY hot tubs in the forest not because it's in fashion but out of necessity while passing on his skills to his kids so they can enjoy the same lifestyle his parents empowered him with.

The Project:A few words and tubes with Aftanas team rider Raph Bruhwiler
Video:Marty Kukler & Patrick Rebstock
Edit:Marcus Paladino

sepp @home 2013
Sepp Bruhwiler Westside Surf School

YouTube:Sepp Bruhwiler [ Westside Surf School ] and some Island breaks are featured in this ad for the new Xcel I TD3 wetsuits

a few summer surf sessions with Raphael Bruhwiler. A few summer bumps to be had but patiently waiting for the fall - Edit:Raph
filmed by: Adam DeWolfe, Kevin Salsalone, Marty Kukler, Junior, Gislo

Sepp Bruhwiler - West Coast - Xcel - 30 Second Sessions

Vimeo:Sepp Bruhwiler - West Coast - Video Marty Kukler/Adam DeWolfe

Raph Bruhwiler is legitimately one of the leaders of Canadian surfing and has been surfing waves in the north since he was just a kid growing up on the beach with the rest of the Bruhwiler family. For this years innersection we decided to try to show another side to the Raph Bruwhiler most know. Inted of a tradition Canadian boat trip we headded of on a hunting trip during fall to a remote trappers cabin.When hunting season is open on Vancouver island Raph is out there tracking black tail deer to put meat on the table for his family. We tried to stay as organic as possible with this video not adding to many fancy tricks just clean cuts and well filmed surf and lifestyle footage, really trying to show Canada and how impressive it is. We have some other ideas if the section gets voted into the DVD that should blow minds, or not. ha.

Enjoy the video and during the month of December head over to to vote Raph and my section into the DVD.
Adam Dewolfe

Sepp Bruhwiler and Timmy Reyes - West Coast - Video Marty Kukler
Westside Surf School

Offthebeatenpath is a two part web series presented by and Pacifico Canada. The first episode follows Raph Bruhwiler as he talks beginnings and describes a perfect day off the beaten path. We believe that the world is filled with adventure and that the best stories often have no ending. A life worth living is one that is constantly evolving, growing, and pushing beyond. Enjoy these stories, we hope they inspire more.

Gotsurf is stoked to announce a collaboration with Pacifico Canada for a short series of two videos named "OFF THE BEATEN TRACK"!
We believe that the world is filled with adventure and that the best stories often have no ending. A life worth living is one that is constantly evolving, growing, and pushing beyond. Enjoy these stories, we hope they inspire more. - Pacifico Canada
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A Surf with the YANKS...
Balaram Stack and Chase Wilson surf with Sepp Bruhwiler, Noah Cohen, Kye Paledeau in Tofino - Video:Marty Kukler & Adam Chilton
from Sepp Westside Surf School

Kalum Temple surfing and skating..random clips Summer and Fall 2011

The winter months in Canada can get a little depressing sometimes. For alot of surfers this is when we would be starting to, or have already headed to a warmer climate. In this video Raph takes us on a little escape from the winter to Baja Mexico. Trading in his 5mm suite for a 3/2, we set up for a camping trip with endless points as far as you are willing to go.
Or your truck will take you.
Adam DeWolfe

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