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I'm 10stone and 6ft and I need a surfboard Q
I'm 10stone and just under 6ft and have surfed a few times before am a quick learner and I need a surfboard. What size would I need do you think? I also want this board to last me a long time so something even that I have to work harder at the start I wouldn't mind.

A a good learning board will not be what you will need as you progress. Buy a used funboard [wide, fat, rounded or squared off tail, not so much rocker]. Don't go much shorter than 7', 7'4 or more would be good.

As you progress you'll learn what you want for a second board and you keep the first board to loan out to friends. People are really rough on boards while they're learning. Buy a good board to start and you'll beat it to shit, regardless of intention, and you'll want to replace it anyway. If you do lots of surfing, you'll still have to buy a second board in the future, cause no way you'll choose the perfect board for your intermediate skill set, before you've acquired your own particular skill set.

Finally, you'll have more fun on a bigger board when you're starting out, and that will make you more likely to progress. Do lots of paddling, even on flatwatter. Surfing's no fun if you can't get out, or are exhausted once you do get out.

tofino surfing in August Q I hope to be heading to tofino around the beginning of august this year and was hoping to maybe get a wave or two whilst over there. Is this a good time of year? What kind of conditions could I expect and can I just hire a van somewhere on the island to get around and camp out of?
Newcastle Austrailia.

A A lot like Cali. Lots of flat in August. Crap shoot at best. Tofino is mostly beach breaks. You can rent vehicles everywhere.

train to surf Q I live in the okangan and have an opportunity to receive a surfboard. Unfortunalty its alittle bit of time until I can get out to Tofino. I just am curious whether I am able to practice paddling/standing up on my board within the okanagan lakes. We barely have waves at all, and little whitewater (if any). I am just wondering if its silly for me to even practice that here, or should I just wait until Tofino when I have actual waves. Do I need the push of the wave to be able to balance to stand up? I realize I wont be able to surf anything out here, but I was thinking maybe I can get some strength built up and comfort with paddling/standing on my board in the lakes here. What do you think???

A practice pop ups on your board on a bed.

Train for paddling on the lake. It'll be a huge help and you'll find the answer to your other questions. Can't learn to surf if you're noodled by the time you paddle out.

learn to skimboard Q I've just came back from Spanish bank. I saw lots of Skimboarder today. I moved to Vancouver from Kelowna last month. Originally I'm from Japan. I was a surfer when I was in Japan.

When I come to Canada, I gave up surfing. But today I saw lots of Skimboarders, and I really want to try it!! Unfortunately, I don't have friends in Vancouver. So if you have any information about Skimboarding class or club in Vancouver,

A no idea. buy a skimboard and go skim. Ask people on the beach for help. Ask at the shop that sells skimboards.

sometimes there are workshops at the skim comps too.

Just googled this but there's no info. phone them and find out who was going to teach the course if it's been cancelled or is over. Welcome to Skimboarding 2hr Intro Lesson

If you can, try it a few times before you buy or make a board.

will sharks eat me Q Considering heading to the coast from Alberta for some lessons etc....was wondering about sharks. Is there a blurb on surfing and the possibility of shark nip on the BC coast........?

A guess there's always a possibility but there is no history of sharks attacking humans around VI. There are lots of them around here but they are mostly fish eaters.

check out surfing with sharks around Vancouver Island