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GoT wAx? - a little Wax Attack  

  GoT wAx? - a little Wax Attack
GoT wAx? - a little Wax Attack

by Cam Scott

Thursday October 09, 2003

I just couldn't get mad. I swear in all honesty, as I scraped the wax off the windows I was whistling the same tune that I had been whistling all morning. I love the autumn. The bugs are gone, the storms push through and energize the place and cleanup the air, and after all, as wax jobs go, this one wasn't too bad. Very little on the windshield and hardly any on the other side. I guess people were watching.

The first big swell of the year had arrived

The first big swell of the year had arrived
and the surf was pretty big, lots of closeouts, and cleanup sets earlier in the morning, and there were some huge walls and really fast rides, screamers. I was happy as a clam as I looked over the truck. I just couldn't get mad and it kind of caught me off guard. It's just hard to get mad at a coward. They're annoying and all, but they're mostly just people who have caved in to fear. Surfing is a good therapy for a person like that because it makes them face their fear. If you're facing fear, at least you still have a chance of subduing the beast. I know this guy is a coward because I stood on the cobbles in front of him and everyone else shooting photos and video for four hours. He could have walked up to me and talked about anything he wanted to talk about like a civilized human being. I talked to five or six complete strangers during the four hours as well as a bunch of people that I knew. This guy chose to have his say while my back was turned and I was out of earshot.

I kind of had a hunch at one point when I was down at the water's edge shooting. The hackles on the back of my neck tingled like someone's eyes were drilling a few amps into me. I turned and looked at the truck. There was a guy and a girl standing there blocking my view of the truck and when I turned back a moment later they were gone. I thought "wonder if they slashed the tires". BCAA will tow me anywhere, I got real good comprehensive insurance of course, and I kind of need new tires.

So a few hours later, I'm scraping the wax off my windows and the only three people that I can see that are really enjoying it all as much as I am, are this guy and girl that were blocking the view of my truck and the third guy. The happy trio is way across the parking lot, past the south corner. Now this third guy is like a piece of crystal. He's laughing and slapping his thigh, but when I look at him he keeps laughing, turns sideways, steps back behind the girl, and then one more step back behind the vehicles and disappears quickly followed by his friends. Of course in all likelihood and probability these three were just enjoying themselves, I mean, waxed windows can be pretty funny.

I usually carry citrus cleaner in my toolbox. Great for grease and it melts wax off glass faster than you can say doofus. If only I had some with me today. Some guy offered to get me a razor blade which saved me from hunting around, pulling out my rear seat looking for a popsicle stick or some other pseudo scraper. It took him a while to find one and I really appreciate it. It made the drive to town easy and the young sales lady that found the citrus cleaner on the shelf, also came out with paper towels and helped. Really, really nice.

So let's add this up.

  • This guy that leaves notes for other guys on their cars, used half a bar of wax so he's out a buck. He and a few others had a laugh.
  • The guy that offered me the razor blade felt good that he could come to the rescue. That very nice young lady with the citrus cleaner felt good that she could be such a big help. I felt good already and I used about a buck worth of citrus cleaner.
Okay Cam. Don't write another f$#king word until you tell us why you should be so f$#king happy.

What I, and I hope all of our contributors, try to do with this web site is entertain and inform our neighbors and friends. Getting my car waxed has kept me entertained for the last few hours. I got to think about how to put this page together, and just as good, I got to think about positive perspective and the power of it. I hope my waxed windows have entertained you all for a few minutes as well.

The information part is how to get wax off your windshield, or hell, even your surfboard. I picked up an all natural citrus concentrate, organic, no less. It's called Orange cleaner and it works as good as any other citrus cleaner I have used. The drill is to scrape excess wax off and you can use the cleaner on paper towels but spraying it directly on the wax is better. Then wipe it off.

I'm also told "A little Rain-X applied to the windows every six months and you can wipe off the wax with your shirt sleeve."

Just one thing in closing. I don't see getting my windows waxed as being a huge event in my day. I just can't give an act like this much validity, or take its message to heart. It's just too impersonal and mindless. It's also really dumb in a day and age when there're so many video cameras around with excellent built-in zooms. Do it enough and eventually you'll make the evening news.

wax is for boards, not for glass. you can't see through it, it's a pain in the ass

By the way, if you have/get any pictures of surf related vandalism on Vancouver Island send them in and share them with us. Your stories are welcome too. You can post photos and your opinions here on this page, anonymously if you like.

  • good: photo of vandalism w/wo story
  • better: photos or video of vandal in the act
  • best: photos or video of vandal in back of cop car and/or doing community hours
Send stuff to Make sure that you say wether you want your comments posted or not, & if you want your name used or not.
your thoughts on the matter

sick and tired

I'm sick and tired of hearing stories like this and I'm really tired of the attitude of a select few inbred f$#ks that think they are too cool for school out there in the line-up. To all you jack asses who think you own the river YOU DON'T! and nobody does... that place owns all of us on any given day and at any given moment. It is only through cooperation, teaching and trial and error that anybody gets the hang of any surf spot on the island and the sooner certain people pull their heads out their asses and learn how to be civil and actually teach people what and what not to do out there instead of trying to play the tough guy we will all be better off.

There are more people out in the water than ever before because more and more people are realizing how fun the sport is and it is certainly not the fault of any one person that this is the case...and to all you winy self appointed locals...sorry I mean "Jokals" SUCK IT UP! To everybody else, see you in the line up, keep at it and most of all just have fun out there.

People who treat others with respect command respect those who don't.......


big thursday

G'day Cam, We had a chat on the point Thursday.

About the waxing....well done for not buying into such cowardly behavior, the needledicks who do that kind of stuff are unfortunately a part of all facets of our society, they are unavoidable. The knowledge that karma will eventually kick them in the head somehow makes it OK to deal with. Only last week someone similar to your mate smashed the front window of my car. Like you, I whistled to myself as I cleaned up the broken glass in the knowledge that my life is way more fullfilled than all of these cowards put together..

See you soon,
Tizza from Oz

if it wasn't for people like you

This ain't going to be popular but here goes:

Cam, many people are calling you a surf pimp and a strong contributing factor to the increasing crowds in the line ups on the South Island.

This past week has been insane for the number of new faces in the surf. People who wouldn't have found surfing if it wasn't for people like you who are posting pictures and information on this website.

All I keep hearing from users on this board is that they have as much right to be in the surf as anyone else. But do you?

Old Schoool


Adversity is always popular. A variety of points of view are an absolute necessity to productive debate. Thank you for yours.

Of course everyone has an equal right to be out in the surf. That said, everyone has a right to be on the highway, but if you take either statement as an absolute, they're both wrong. You cannot pause and try to figure out what you doing in the middle of the highway and expect to get on well with the drivers behind you. If you are careless, unconscious, or unable, you will put others at risk and inconvenience, and they will give you feed back. If they attack you or vandalize your vehicle then you can successfully seek redress in the courts, criminal and civil. It's just like surfing except there is an established set of rules of law to guide your conduct and set standards of behavior. Surfing can attract a crowd who enjoys the lack of structure and some of those people will mistakenly believe that freedom is the absence of laws when may be it is more about not needing laws by favoring a code of conduct or etiquette.

I keep hearing that mischief like waxing and deflating tires is acceptable on some level. You drive into a parking lot and there it is happening in front of you. Too many stickers on a vehicle, Alberta plates, they deserved it, bull shit! They brought upon themselves, bull shit! That's the same as saying the rape victim deserved to be raped. The problem of course is that when you come across a vandal in action and protest too much, or show too much interest, they'll go after you. Why does the surfing community live under these conditions? Because the surfing community at large accepts these conditions.

If you don't want to live under the thumb of petty tyrants then you must confront them. You don't need to be a hero and confront them directly but you to need to stop at a payphone on the way out and report all this shit to the Sooke RCMP. Victims license plate number and a description of the vandal. If you are just visiting the Island for the weekend and think you have no stake in this, think again. This isn't about surf etiquette! This is about denial of access to public parks, crown foreshores and waterways. This should be totally repugnant to all Canadians and it is the responsibility of all Canadians to make sure these intimidations are met and challenged. I know it'll be a drag having the cops in the parking lots and on the beaches all the time, but they'll never show up if there's nothing for them to do.

People can call me a surf pimp all they like. On a technical note a pimps are all about making money and this Website made a total of $150 last year. It's the first year it hasn't lost money.

Detractors of this WebSite generally fail to recognize that time and time again I have successfully counseled other web sites against posting surf break maps, directions and info on their web sites. I don't name breaks, partly because it is the number one request made of me by surfers, but mostly because the process of searching out and discovering surf breaks and wiring them is much of what has connected me to my favorite breaks. I just can't see any advantage in cheating anyone out of that process. Detractors of this WebSite generally do understand that it builds community and reduces the fear level that their terrorist tactics have instilled in others over the years.

To get to your main point "that some people believe this Website has a strong portion of responsibility for the growing numbers of surfers and would be surfers on the South Island". I think a little perspective is required. If you will, try to imagine all of the man-hours and money that go into marketing surf gear and clothes for Quicksilver, Hurley, O'Neill, Nev, Billabong, Ocean Earth, the and all the rest. There are all the videos and all the movies with surfing in them. "Step into liquid" does not have the same mainstream marketing program as last year's "Blue Crush" but think about the marketing effort and money that goes into promoting these movies. Now get into the lists of companies that have no tie the surfing other than, they use the image of surfing to promote their products. The fact is there are images of surfing everywhere these days in mainstream television shows and in the advertising that punctuates them. Surfing is immensely popular and to imagine that people wouldn't find surfing on Vancouver Island without this WebSite and the pictures on it is a real stretch for me. We all found surfing without this WebSite and the pictures on. I found it by complete happenstance in September of 74 with only a few Jan & Dean tunes to predispose me to jump at the opportunity. spent under $700 in marketing last year. We have stickers and business cards made and hand them out through local sports shops and in person to local outdoor enthusiasts and we get named as a sponsor on events that we help promote. That is the some total of our marketing. The only reason would be held out to be predominantly responsible for the increased popularity of surfing on Vancouver Island is because we are convenient and local target. It is simply a poorly thought out, reactionary position.

If the surfing population was growing on Vancouver Island and Vancouver Island alone, you might be able to say that this Website was a major cause of that growth, but the surfing population is growing all over the world and it is very hard for me to believe that the efforts of the local surfers who contribute to this Website, dwarf the influence of the international companies who market and promote surfing. If you talk to the surf school owners you will know that the vast majority of their clientele come out from Ontario or Alberta and play in the soup for a few days, and head back East. These people did not get wired on the idea of surfing by looking at pictures on this Website. They got wired by mainstream marketing and went looking for an ocean.

Of course the South Island was full of new faces last weekend. It happens every fall as a new crop of students come into the local universities and colleges and people move into the area. Did they choose their university and colleges because of this Website? There may be a few instances but it's hard to imagine a major influence.

I have tried many times to solicit the locals' point of view on the South Island. Mostly what we've gotten has been complete negativity, and aggression. Thanks for playing Devils advocate for us Oldschool.

I remember receiving some well considered and articulate opinions from DR that were never posted because he would not have his name on the website. Losing out on the benefits of his opinions and perspective a few years ago is the main reason that I made sure to welcome anonymous opinions on the gOt WaX article.

I would be happy to work on a "break rules" article. It will be best with input from other people so maybe I'll rough something out and post it in these forms and see if that input is forthcoming.

The last time I shot at the break in question was November 9th 2002. The time before that was October 23rd 2001 and it was blown out.


a symbol of what has gone bad in surfing

Let's stir the pot some more, this is getting fun. A little more devil's advocacy...

Cam: I enjoy this site. I cringe at the kookiness, smirk at the old crusties, and laugh at (with) Borecky with everyone else. No, your site hasn't created the massive influx of surfers on the South Island. But it is definintely an influence, and more importantly, perhaps the most visible influence out there.

There's a lot of people around here that have pretty much devoted their lives to surfing, giving up a normal life to chase the waves, 10, 20, 30 years or more. They watched the crowds balloon out of control: when there are 35 people out at slightly below average first peak, as there were earlier this week, it is pretty much no fun for anyone. There's a lot of anger out there, and whether reasonable or justified, it still exists. I'm sure if they could have waxed the windows of the X games execs or the surf clothing manufacturers (as full on surf pimps), they would; as it stands, your sticker was about the most visible sign there is. Your truck is a symbol of what has gone bad in surfing for these people.



thanks Hamm

People devoting their lives to the pursuit of their passions is very common. People using their passions to excuse their criminal behavior is also very common.

When I was a kid in the late '50s and early '60s, Silverwoods Dairy still maintained a stable and delivered their milk by horse drawn wagon. The horse on our route wore a single leather patch that only blocked the peripheral view of its right eye. The horse could still see straight ahead but not to the right unless it turned its head completely that way. It could not abide the sight of cars pulling up to stop signs as it passed through intersections. The horse had pulled that wagon through the same intersections for years, but those cars driving up so fast on the right just always looked like predators to him. They call that patch a blinder. Anyone who thinks the truck is a symbol of what has gone bad in surfing is wearing blinders.

What has gone wrong with surfing on the South Island is not so much the crowds which were coming no matter what, but the bad attitudes that are perpetuated at our surf breaks. This year there's another new batch of Young Turks out there that always want to be inside of you, go for every wave, miss half of them, and can't do a turn on the waves they do make. It seems the only thing they're really good at is defiant, aggressive behavior. Someone or some set of circumstances has trained them that surfing equals aggression. The blame for this must rest fully on the shoulders of everyone of us who has ever watched an act of surf related aggression and said nothing to discourage or defuse it. To all those who believe that you can discourage crowds by vibeing or pushing people out of the water, you are training subsequent generations in your art and as always happens, they will get better at it than you ever were. Your breaks are filling up with kids that have neither the skills or the surf etiquette that it takes to have a fun surf with them.

If it is taboo to publicly talk about surfing and it is taboo to talk to new surfers, then you can never expect things to improve. Keep pumping negativity into every strange surfer you see. Give the wink and nod to every act of vandalism in support of localism that you hear about. I'm sure things can get a lot worse if you just train future generations properly. These breaks need well-balanced people to act as stewards because clearly the status quo, bridge troll routine is an utter failure. Little wonder some people look so hard for a scapegoat when surfing just ain't so much fun anymore.

Yeah I know. I have little rants now then to. It just kinda pisses me off that in this day and age a mindset like this one can exist.

Lack of knowledge about surfing will make future surfers fun to surf with.

I realize the mindset was more like "if we don't tell people about it, they'll just never find out" and "if they do show up we'll make it is unpleasant as possible for them and they'll run away"

One thing I'm pretty certain of. Things will not get better unless a large majority of surfers want things to get better.

  • Don't stand for localism. Put it down when you see you and put it down publicly.
  • Talk to other surfers. Be inclusive. If there's an asshole out in the lineup, you gotta sit him down and be patient with him. Smacking a puppy on the nose makes a dog a coward or just plain mean. You aren't going to force surf etiquette down anyone's throat, but if offered with humanity it will generally be well received.
  • If all you can see when you look at this web site is a negative symbol, you're not looking at it right. This web site is a vast empty blotter just waiting for opinion and outlook. It represent the views of those that contribute to it, and by contributing to it, I don't just mean those that send in stories, articles, photos etc. but those that send in criticisms, suggestions and opinions. There are lots of people who help steer this web site. Put you mark on it.

There is a bit of surf etiquette on our "Learning to Surf Tutorial", but that thing is a little wordy and it's just two people's opinions. There are already several interested contributors and we will start work right away on a BC surf etiquette page. It won't do anything on its own, but when printed out might be a better thing to leave on somebody's window than wax or rock.

If you want to be involved in building a BC surf etiquette page or want to make use of this web site to put out some other message to the surfing community, just drop me a line.

Waxing on

Well put, Ashly.

I have surfed in many places around the world, but have seldom if ever come across the "sub-human" mindset that unfortunately tends to make its presence felt at [spot]. Most of these characters are below average in wave-riding ability, and have IQ's well below room temperature. This is just to offer you moral support at this time, Cam, and once again to congratulate you on your superb website.


This is a reply to the other messages you have received.

It is best to rise above the 'sub-human' class of surfer. Although the replies that you have received are shocking as well, are all surfers complete whack jobs with a propensity for swearing? Honestly, if you want to make a point atleast do so coherently otherwise you end up identifying with the people that vandalise and make this world a toilet.



It's embarrassing to see that surfer's do this... the small town mentality... hick surfers... grow up... or get the f$#k out of the water... the ocean is for all


get waxed... get smashed!

I think it's f$#kin' bullshit... All these f$#kin' fags out there who are too f$#kin' scared to say anything to ure face and yet they tag ure f$#kin' rides. Cowards in the fullest. These guys are the f$#kin' kooks! And to all the fags that are tagging rides... Try it when I'm around... I'll f$#kin' smash you! Got it...

please post what I wrote word for word. They need to get the hint....



I totally appreciate your position but hope you'll aim for the high ground. Smash one of these guys and you may have dealt with a symptom, or may just have aggravated a symptom. Even if you dealt with this one symptom successfully, word about it gets around to a fairly small circle of people.

Catch one of these guys in the act on video, from the inside or outside of the vehicle, and you address the problem as a whole. Get the video to me and we can make an example of the poor sap, but more to the point, address the issue at large in front of a broad audience. Who could tell the general public about this phenomenon better than the petty tyrant/s him/her self in action and in consequence?

I would try to get contact info for the vandalized vehicle or license plate number. The face of the petty tyrant in context with the vandalism and maybe even his/her license plate number would be a great help.